Article Template – Duplicate Me First, Then Edit

“Quote relating to subject matter, search on:, Select the quote text and then hit the quotation button to create.” – Quote’s Author

This is the hook, why all of this is important. It can be a sentence or two but it should answer the question, “Why am I reading this?”. This small paragraph is the main point and takeaway. The actual point of the article.

This is the first subtitle and it’s an H3, it introduces the first example or argument

This is the text for the first argument or case being made. Make it short and simple. Write something that gets people thinking or is maybe shocking?

If the text above was shocking, the picture or GIF above should respond to that.

This is the second subtitle (H3) and should introduce the second argument or case

This is the supporting text for the second argument. Feel free to use another GIF or image to break up the text a little bit and engage the user with a visual.

This is the third subtitle, and should introduce the final argument or case.

This is the supporting text for the third argument or case.

This is the summary subtitle

This is the closing statement. It should serve as a summary for the entire article and include a call to action, what the user should do next…


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