Woke Money Is Smart Money

“At base, financial literacy is inextricably connected to control over one’s future”

– Ann Cotton

Wake Up to a Happier You

When you go to college you learn about your chosen profession along with many other topics.  Often, you learn the history of your profession so you understand why your profession is where it is today and how you can advance it.

What if your money could go to money college?  Your dollars would learn how to keep credit card balances low, maintain a good credit score, prioritize spending, set aside money for emergencies, take advantage of tax deductions, afford the things you care about, pay off debt efficiently and so much more.

If your money paid attention in class, it would know how much you need to save now to afford a house in 5 years, or how to save and invest well so you can retire comfortably at age 60.  If your money had good instruction on history, it would know how to avoid mistakes that your friends or even your parents may have made trying to manage their finances.

Imagine what your money could do if it got a PhD! Maybe your money would know how to start a new business, raise capital from investors and help you to be even more successful. Or your money would know how to form a partnership to bring opportunities to communities that are suffering.

We created Woke Money so you can improve your financial literacy, so you can fill in the gaps that school, family, and friends didn’t or couldn’t teach you.

We want you to get to know every dollar you have, understand how those dollars can do more work for you. We want you to overcome any fear or anxiety you may have about paying taxes, starting investments or comparing insurance. We want to encourage you to stay informed so you can identify a good opportunity and manage risk. We want you to be able to enjoy today because you know you are on track for a good future! Use the power you gain from this knowledge for good,  adjust your habits to create a better life!

Try out this first step:

Identify what you care about most, whether it’s buying a home, not living paycheck to paycheck or paying off your growing student loan or perhaps credit card debt.

Then make a pledge to yourself to take action: I am going to conquer my fear of investing and save for the vacation I always wanted!

You can’t afford to wait!

There is no spare time … you get 86,400 seconds each day of your life, to use or waste, so make a good plan for each one!