Steven A. Branson, Esq. Founder

About Woke Money

Thanks for visiting our site! Woke Money was created to allow anyone with a web browser access to fun, informative articles that will help them achieve their financial goals. We know first hand that making decisions can be difficult, especially when it comes to money.

We like the idea of being “Awake” when it comes to money and believe that the knowledge found here will help to empower those who may feel a little lost when it comes to money, to identify their priorities and achieve their goals. These goals can be as simple as starting a vacation fund, or as complicated as deciding where or how to start investing.

Our Foundational Concepts

We spent a lot of time thinking about a useful way to get to know financial information and came up with three main concepts: “The Time Value of Money”, “Every Dollar Has a Job”, and “Woke Money is Smart Money”. All of our articles are based on these three categories and the knowledge there is designed to build on itself.

What’s Knowledge Without a Call to Action?

We want you to actually put this knowledge to work, so we’ve included a fourth category, “Putting It All Together” to help you get organized and use guidelines to create plans personal to your goals and your situation.